I have the greatest sympathy for the victims of the devastating hurricanes that have hit the Caribbean and elsewhere. My heart goes out to them, but I heard one woman from one of the islands on radio, whose house had been totally destroyed and who had lost all her belongings, say to the interviewer “Yes, I have lost my house, but I have faith in the Lord, that he will look after me and my children.”

I almost wept with frustration at her stupidity. If by some 500 billon to one chance, I, a lifelong atheist, am wrong, and there is a god sitting somewhere up in the sky, taking a close personal interest in every one of the seven and a half billion humans on this planet, shouldn’t he have err, PREVENTED the hurricane, kept her, and all of his flock safe from the elements?

I recall a few years ago hearing about a wall that collapsed in New York, killing a young mother and her baby that she was pushing in a stroller, while a street gang member who was nearby just escaped the disaster. Interviewed just after the event, he said “God was looking after me today”, and he promised to mend his ways and be a better man, while a pastor said that God had saved the guy so that he could spread the Lords word. When asked how come God had not saved the young woman and her baby, he said “It is all part of his plan, and its not for us to question God’s work.” Words fail me…..

This simplistic faith in a non-existent entity that so many people have is hard to shake off. It’s probably ingrained in them by well-meaning, but dumb, parents. “Don’t forget to say your prayers” “Let’s thank God for our food by saying grace” etc. As a young kid I went to Sunday School, sang hymns, but even then wondered why? My parents never went to church, but were ‘believers’ but I just never understood how anyone could believe in the fairy story. More to follow…..