Collecting Zippo Lighters

For several years I worked for a company that sold Zippo lighters. I have never smoked in my life, but as the amount of Zippos my bosses sold grew larger, and different themes were introduced, I began to get rather fascinated with them. They are very well-produced, and range from matte black plain looking lighters to fanciful, colorful designs, some by accomplished artists, Claudio Mazzi, Linda Picken, or Anne Stokes, as examples. There are Harley-Davidson themed Zippos, “Windy Girl” lighters, featuring a whole range of designs of a young lady struggling against the wind, while lighting her cigarette, most NFL and MLB teams have their own Zippos, and in England so do the big soccer teams. NASCAR Zippos abound, there are plenty of Jack Daniels and Jim Beam lighters, and bands are well represented, with plenty of Zippos featuring the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and many more. I started collecting them, eagerly awaiting new issues each year, and I started a Facebook group, a Pinterest Board, and a website all devoted to Zippos.

Many of the top-sellers were lighters featuring Playboy Magazine covers, or scantily-clad ladies, pin-uos, Sex sells, even for cigarette lighters. Many custom built Zippos are available too. Take a look at my site or for the United Kingdom

and join my Facebook Group, and my Pinterest Board, for much more information.