1965 Classic Car Digital Slot Car League Race 2 Monza Italy 2018

Don’t go anywhere! Our 1965 slot car league continues tonight at Monza in Italy. Hello everybody. It is Trevor Ursulescu again, the owner of Monster Hobbies in High River, Alberta, Canada. And you know what else I am the owner of??? This nice bowler hat which fits very comfortably and this 1965 AC Cobra which we are about to race right down here on Monza… so without further ado, let’s go to the races!!! All right, here we are Monza, Italy. Dale is holding back…. …waiting for the right moment to strike… Oh Oh… soon as I walk away from the corner! Mark’s out of the slot. I am placing the little camera the wrong way. oh look at that… write-off! Now that should catch some good footage…

Oh nice roof roll! Mark is out! And yeah, I got a hairpin here but this should be a parabella, but I thought the hairpin would be more violent for crashes. All right! Here to get some nice video photography here… Oh I’m trying! I put the little camera there to catch the crashes through that chicane and everyone is crashing before they get into it. (Dale) “Well…you simply have to come off…that is the solution!” (Kevan) “Howard can come off first…how about that?” Howard’s out… that leaves Dale and Kevin. 63 laps… 63 Wow! Wow 63! So it’s Kevin, Dale, Howard, and Mark and the mysterious car number six which is a technical error.

Talk about an amazing race that was a lot of fun and I sure wish you guys could join us but here is our standings… so I have got 34 points, Josh could not make it… must have had a school project, Roger got 36, Mark got 27, Kevin got 45, Howard got 29, Dale came in first with 51, and Jeff returned for 26. and so you might ask yourself where does that put everybody in the standings? Well I am in third place with 69 points, Josh is in seventh with 27, Rogers in fifth place with 59, Mark is in sixth with 54, Kevin is second with 87, Howard is fourth with 67, Dale is first with 105, the first guy to break a hundred and it has only been two nights, and Jeff is in eighth place with 28, but our star for the night was Roger who got in his groove and actually got a couple of first places so way to go Roger and we look forward to seeing you next week at Spa.

Well we hope you enjoyed this nice race night that we had down here at Monster Hobbies and we really wish you guys could all come down here and race but there is so many of you guys out there that just loves slot cars I do not even think I would be able to fit you in the building… however do not forget to check us out at www.monster-hobbies.ca and when you subscribe to my videos, if you click on that little “bell” icon that is beside the subscription button, You will be notified via Email, or on your phone, Tablet, or where-ever that I have uploaded a new video and we can watch it together as next week, we race at Spa-francorchamps in Belgium.

But if you would like to see us actually build the track please click on the Italian flag up there. If you would like to know how the controllers work, click over here. If you would like to see how to set up your digital controller, click here and do not forget to subscribe to us here, so we can make better videos and keep on experimenting with stuff and we will talk to you next time right here at “Slot Car Racing!”.


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