Sea Salt Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels – Organic – Made Without Dairy – Kosher – GMO Free – Sea Salt 1 Pack

COCOMELS CARAMELS: Award-winning, smooth and creamy caramels made with coconut milk instead of dairy.

ORGANIC, MADE WITHOUT DAIRY, GLUTEN-FREE, NON GMO, VEGAN: Mindfully crafted, simple ingredients, corn syrup-free.

RE-SEALABLE ZIP TOP POUCH: Better value, non-stick wax paper twist wrappers, bite sized pieces.

SEA SALT FLAVOR: A touch more salt delivers salty-sweet satisfaction. Sweet. Salty. Sublime

Cocomels are a top 2017 Coconut Trending item – according to Whole Foods Market.

Full details from Amazon – click here!

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