Hoka One One Bondi 6 SKU: 9052010

Hello everybody, my name’s Richard from zappos.com And today we’re checking out these awesome running shoes from Hoka One One Now these guys here are designed to give you maximum cushioning out on the road for your next run You have a 4mm differential there with an open engineered mesh upper that has synthetic overlays on top of that to give you that breathability that you need with structural support You also have a comfort frame heel back here really make sure everything stays locked into place once you lace up It’s got a very comfortable fabric lined interior, very smooth in there with an Ortholite footbed on bottom and an internal heel counter to give you that locked-in fit and support as well And then of course you’ve got that really thick midsole there Of course it’s gonna be the first thing you see plenty of cushioning out of that to really propel your foot forward with every single stride you take It’s made out of EVA, so it won’t be heavy at all, very lightweight very shock absorbing They’ve got that sturdy outsole down here So whatever you do, don’t miss out on these fantastic shoes here from Hoka One One.

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