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Hello everybody, my name’s Richard from zappos.com And today we’re checking out these awesome running shoes from Hoka One One Now these guys here are designed to give you maximum cushioning out on the road for your next run You have a 4mm differential there with an open engineered mesh upper that has synthetic overlays on top of that to give you that breathability that you need with structural support You also have a comfort frame heel back here really make sure everything stays locked into place once you lace up It’s got a very comfortable fabric lined interior, very smooth in there with an Ortholite footbed on bottom and an internal heel counter to give you that locked-in fit and support as well And then of course you’ve got that really thick midsole there Of course it’s gonna be the first thing you see plenty of cushioning out of that to really propel your foot forward with every single stride you take It’s made out of EVA, so it won’t be heavy at all, very lightweight very shock absorbing They’ve got that sturdy outsole down here So whatever you do, don’t miss out on these fantastic shoes here from Hoka One One.

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The Booming CBD craze explained.

You are in a store and there are two drinks for sale. They’re the same in almost every way. But one costs $3 extra. All it took was a few drops of this stuff — CBD. It’s a cannabis compound you can buy in oils, chocolates, bath bombs, face masks, gummies, coffee, lotions, even dog treats. It’s everywhere. And its proponents claim that it can help with a lot of things: CBD exists right at the intersection of three huge consumer trends: The 49 billion-dollar herbal supplement industry, the growing anxiety economy, and the almost overnight rise of a legal cannabis marketplace.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about CBD. But people are buying it. This is how much consumer CBD sales have grown in the past four years. And this is how much they’re expected to grow. For a product this popular, CBD is barely regulated and people tend to misunderstand its effects. So what do we know about it? CBD — or cannabidiol — is one of over 110 chemical constituents in cannabis called cannabinoids. THC — or tetrahydrocannabinol — is a different cannabis chemical that causes the high associated with consuming marijuana.

But by itself, CBD won’t get you high. You can inhale it as a vapor, or apply it to your skin, but a popular intake method is edible oil — since CBD is naturally soluble in fat. That easy-to-consume format is behind the explosion of many new products we’re seeing today. But it’s also led to a lot of misconceptions. For starters, people say CBD can treat everything from inflammation, to acne — even cancer. But there’s no proof that consumer CBD products can treat all those ailments. We don’t have that much data related to the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol. CBD has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to help treat psychosis, anxiety, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy and seizures. And the FDA recently approved Epidiolex, a CBD-based epilepsy drug.

But there isn’t enough research for CBD to be prescribed as medicine for all of those other conditions. Right now, we don’t know a ton about how CBD affects the brain, or which doses or delivery methods work most effectively. And people who take CBD sometimes do it at risk to their own health, foregoing medically approved treatments or failing to investigate its interactions with other drugs. And the CBD that has trickled down to retail markets? It’s largely unregulated. Because of that, consumers often have no idea what they’re buying — and CBD products often don’t contain what they say they do. A) They might not even have the cannabidiol that is claimed on the label — but more importantly, B) is that some of them actually have THC in it.

In 2016, the FDA issued warnings to 8 CBD oil companies after finding that some contained either no or barely any CBD, and some contained illegal amounts of psychoactive THC. And a 2017 study of 84 CBD products purchased online found that almost 70 percent were mislabeled. But even when consumer CBD products are accurately labeled, the doses tend to be very low. When you get a few drops of CBD oil in a drink, you’re probably getting about 5-10 milligrams of CBD. You’d need 30 times that to reach the amount of CBD that current research has found to have stress-relieving results.

So even though CBD has a ton of medical promise, the dose in the average CBD coffee is pretty negligible. But even at those levels, CBD products other than Epidiolex are still technically illegal. When you go down the street and you buy your latte with cannabidiol, that is still considered “federally” illegal. At the state level it might not be, depending on which state you’re in, but federally speaking, it is still illegal.

The DEA maintains that CBD is federally illegal — but it won’t bother going after anyone possessing or using it. And because the DEA won’t prosecute, anybody from any state can walk into a store or go online and buy CBD products. Attitudes in health care are shifting: in December 2017, the World Health Organization concluded that CBD is not harmful. In January 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed it from its prohibited substances list.

And, if passed as it stands, the 2018 farm bill would legalize CBD and industrial hemp nationwide. CBD isn’t bullsh*t. It’s a substance with a lot of potential. But the quantity and quality in today’s consumer products is often more of a scam than a reliable wellness supplement.

What’s next for CBD depends on research. But right now, its popularity is proof that the absence of data doesn’t prevent people from selling products. Instead, when you can claim everything — you can sell anything.

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Foundation Routine For Acne! Cover Pimples, Scars, Cystic Acne, Blackheads & Oil | Cassandra Bankson

Hey everyone so today I’m going to show you how I do my foundation routine and I am the most self-conscious person about my acne. I’ve told you about my acne so many times I’ve always gone over how terrible it is I know it doesn’t look like it but taking my makeup off is one of the most insecure things that I could probably do Fr me it’s gotten a lot better which is sad to say but I mean it’s a good thing to say but I mean it still looks awful so this is what I’m gonna show you guys what my face is like without makeup um I’m gonna show you guys how I apply my foundation so that I can look like this I’m also I’m in the living room today because I felt um I felt that it has better lighting than out where I used to do my videos so tell me if you guys like this or if you want me to go you know somewhere else so um I hope that this helps you if you guys have acne or even if you don’t have acne you just want really pretty skin um yeah I hope this works it won’t go over blush eyes lips nothing like that no contouring look at the contouring and highlighting video that I have I’ll post it in the bottom tab this is just how I do my foundation and it changes just about every month so I’m thinking I’m gonna keep updating these kind of when I update just to kind of show you guys but hopefully this helps you and hopefully you guys enjoy I’ll talk to you guys soon bye Here I am with no makeup no nothing no eyes and I feel really disgusting my nose is clogged up and it’s way too earlier for me um this is probably the most nerve-wracking thing that I could possibly do because it is my biggest insecurity this is my face um the sad part is that this is a lot better than it used to be um I mean it’s still all over my chest it’s all over my back um it’s just it’s everywhere and you can see it goes down my neck it’s like all the side even got on my ear I mean it’s been like this and it’s gotten a lot better but it’s still really really bad so that’s my biggest insecurity also I’m wearing my bathroom because I always find a way to spill makeup on myself so I need to wear this first so the first thing that I do is be I have extremely oily skin I take this it’s just the Smashbox and Smashbox anti-shine and what that does it basically stops you from getting oily and I tend to get oily like around my nose around a little bit more my cheese zone so I’m only gonna take about that much and I’m just gonna spread this everywhere that I need the oil to be sucked up and for me that’s basically my nose um yeah I mean I usually do it on my nose everyday sometimes in the cheese known it really depends on where you get shiny most often I’m just trying to get this makeup on as soon as possible so that you guys don’t have to like s just take a primer now you can use a definite multitude of primers I mean I have everything from you know so floor to bare essentials to Mac’s makeup forever there’s just such a multitude of what you can use but for me personally my favorite which has been my favorite for a while has been me Merivale primer by hourglass it’s got SPF protection and I put it on my face and it is just like rubbing pearls into your skin because it’s like velvet like I could just rub my face all day long and I always carry everything that I do down my neck just because well I have acne there the next thing I use is foundation and my foundation routine changes probably every month even though every week it’s nuts but recently I started off this month well it’s December now I started off November using this the lorac which I really really like but it is kind of heavy but recently I’ve been using where is it pretty recently I’ve been using a couple different things and the two that I have been hooked on are these the HD foundations and I think these are my all-time favorites I’m guessing then we need these for the rest of my life and a month they’ll be different but I use the 125 in the 120 that was on the 130 for a little bit they come out just like this and all you need is two pumps and you just want to spread that kind of all over your face I kind of dotted on I’ll try to get close to her fifties here for you I try just kind of dot it on and I love using my fingers for foundation um a lot of people use brushes I love brushes I’ll do one on brushes soon soon I’ll do one on brushes soon just to kind of show you guys how but um I absolutely love using my hands because I just feel that it is I don’t know I just get such better coverage and then I can like add on top if you want to layer your foundation mix some of it with fix+ spray from Mac and that way it’ll dry quicker so you can just Pat on more layers and again I like a very full coverage so we just want to basically blend that all together and this is the 120 after I take that I’m gonna take the 125 as you can see it’s like a slightly darker color and I’m gonna put this more on the outer realms of my face and down my neck and the reason why is because the lighter color in the middle of our face is really gonna highlight that and I always do highlighting and contouring so it really just adds to that glamorous effect um I really usually like to wear like a headband or something to kind of protect my hair but it’s way too early in the morning so I completely forgot to do that um also make sure you get the bottoms of your nails so that you don’t have like five different colors going on there I also like to get it over my lips so that way I can shape my lips and I take them off basically um when you shape your lips you just use a q-tip and wherever the foundation is it looks like your skin and wherever else it just looks like your lips so I know that I look really crazy right now but it works really really well so I’m gonna use Mac’s um studio finish concealer in NC next I’m gonna use mac studio finish concealer in NC 30 yeah sorry guys my camera battery died but um basically what I did I used my Mac concealer I dotted it on my problem areas not as much on my neck but as you can see the primaries where they used to be and I just emulsified them and kind of blended up in with my finger if you use like a warm brush even your warm finger it works a lot better and like I said I usually like using my hands with foundation I’ll do an updated routine with brushes hotter um the next thing I’m going to do is take two different powders the powders kind of set the foundation because the foundations a little bit wet and it makes you look a little bit oily um so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna start off with what is this I’m just gonna start with a brush and I’m actually gonna go in with two different colors the first one I’m using um it’s that nc5 and what I’m gonna do I’m gonna kind of rub it like this in a circular motion so I get on the brush I’m just gonna Pat this this is the lighter color for me so I’m just gonna Pat this I’m gonna kind of tilt my head back so it kind of all stays there and I’m just gonna Pat this on kind of the kind of inner triangle of my face and I talked about this in highlighting and contouring so if you guys haven’t seen that really go watch it cuz it’s what I do after this but yeah basically you put this on the part of your face that you need it to be lightest which should be the very middle and I tilt my head back so it all stays there until I can get evenly blended the next thing I’m using is the Smashbox halo and this is in the shade of what is this light and I just got this one I’ve been using it a lot though because I loved the fair one but they were out of it so I just use the light now um but what I do it kind of comes up like this and you can kind of just shave it off if you guys see that basically the powder comes out once you turn it so I’m gonna take a little bit on the top of my brush and I’m just gonna put this all over the outside of my face this would be kind of the lower cheeks kind of up a little bit on our temples and then all over our neck and chest thing i’m going to do is take one of my favorite powders it is the makeup for everyone this is the HD micro finished powder and you should probably put this on with a different brush but i’m gonna use this one for the sake of saving brushes because i have to go today and you makeup on people but as you can see this is just the finest powder in the entire world it is it is just wispy in every way you see that um and what this is this is a setting powder and i’m going to use this to just kind of set both my foundation and my powder because the powders from Mac and Smashbox are a little bit thicker so this one is so ultrafine that this will get into all the little spaces that the other ones missed and it smells really fresh I don’t know it just smells like clean laundry yeah so that kind of ensures that our entire face is set happy mac fix+ spray and I absolutely love this spray it is a dream come true I’m gonna hold it just about a foot or 16 inches away from my face I’m gonna close my eyes and spray and like I said you can also mix this with a little bit of foundation you just pump the foundation on your hand spray this on mix with your brush and put it on with a foundation brush I’ll show you guys how to do that and like I said tutorial with brushes coming up and what that will do is help it so that you can layer on more layers of foundation um but that is what I do I’m gonna let it kind of dry and voila I have somewhat clearer looking skin than you guys! I go into my contouring and more highlighting go watch that if you haven’t seen it already oh and then I also take a q-tip and take off the foundation for my lips so you guys can like see my mouth and what the shaping is I’m actually gonna show you that in another video I’d be like lip shaping but um yeah so stay tuned guys!

Hair Care – Hair Loss – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Not having hair does not have a direct impact on our health but loss of hair can be a cause of mental stress for many the symptoms of hair loss include constant hair fall creation of bald patches a receding hairline and thinning of hair specially in women the most significant cause is lack of proper nutrition vitamin b6 and folic acid are essential for hair growth and strength lack of either can cause hair loss stress weakness and anemia can reduce the strength of the hair and cause hair fall an unclean scalp can also block and weaken the hair force on the scalp for some hair loss could be a hereditary condition here are a few simple home remedies that can arrest your hair fall take a bowl of Indian gooseberries juice also known as Amla add three tablespoons of lemon juice mix it well apply this on your scalp leave it as it is for about 30 minutes and then wash it off with normal water take about 15 to 20 curry leaves add one lemon peel add 3 tablespoons of shikaka powder add 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds also known as methi dhana add 2 tablespoons of green gram also known as musa booth grind this finely store this mixture in a clean glass bottle and use this mixture as a substitute for your soap or shampoo boil a handful of crushed neem leaves in four cups of water allow it to cool and filter the liquid use this decoction to rinse your hair eat well and take care of yourself.

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Jack Daniels Zippo

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