Bobo's Toast'r Pastry (Blueberry Lemon Poppyseed, 12 Pack of 2.5 Oz. Bars) Gluten Free Whole Grain Pastry – Great Tasting Vegan On-The-Go Breakfast or Snack, Made in the USA

A TWIST ON A COFFEE SHOP FAVORITE: With Bobo’s Blueberry Lemon Poppyseed Toast’r Pastry, we took an adaptation of a coffee house favorite and made it even better by stuffing it with a delicious blueberry jam. Not only does our Toast’r make you rethink what a toaster pastry could and should be, but it delivers a truly enjoyable breakfast delight whether it’s hot out of the toaster or on the run

NON-GMO, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, VEGAN: All Bobo’s product are free of; wheat, meat, soy, dairy, GMOs, trans fats, refined sugars, and corn. They have a low glycemic index, low cholesterol, and are certified kosher. Each pastry is gluten-free and non-GMO that taste great and are great for you

ON-THE-GO BREAKFAST: Our pastries are handmade in the USA and are a perfect way to start to your workday. We took what we do best in baking delicious oat bars and made a whole grain oat and ancient grain crust then jam-packed it full of tasty rich fruit fillings. Each Bobo’s pastry is fresh-baked with whole grain rolled oats that provide the slow burning carbs that are essential to get you through your busy day

SIMPLE, WHOLESOME, ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: We use the highest quality ingredients available, handmade in our own bakery. Whole grain rolled oats are the base of every pastry, these oats help give our pastry’s the famous Bobo’s home made love that is in every bite. Whole, unrefined cane sugar is as close to the cane stalk as it gets and gives each bar the delicious taste that keeps our customers coming back for more

HANDMADE BAKED GOODS: We feed you like we feed our own families, never compromising quality or taste to create the human-made feel that is more commonly found in your kitchen. All of our products are made by people, never automated. They have simple and wholesome ingredients that you would bake with in your own home

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