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What does ‘wheedler’ mean? According to Dictionary.com, a wheedler is someone who ‘attempts to influence others by using smooth, flattering, or beguiling words or actions’. Well, you can rest assured that I am NOT going to wheedle any of the visitors to this blog, although, I must say you are all extremely good-looking and intelligent.

I started this site to highlight some of my favorite music, but I have extended it to include my thoughts on life, stupidity, football (the English type) and anything else of interest to educated, interesting people like your good selves. (See how I wheedled there?)

Did a UK newspaper get pre-warned about JFK assassination?

Intriguing! Amongst the sealed documents released today about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, there is one document detailing a mysterious phone-call to an obscure local news paper in Cambridgeshire. The caller would not give his name, just asked the paper to contact the American Embassy regarding some important news about to break in America. The call was timed 25 minutes before the assassination took place.

Whether the caller was genuinely someone who knew the shooting was about to happen, or whether his call was about something entirely different, or whether he was a crank, no-one will probably ever know. If he WAS aware of what was going to happen, why would he call a LOCAL newspaper and not one of the big national newspapers?

Very interesting…..


Original news story here

I Can’t Stand The Rain – Ann Peebles – Blues

Ann Peebles. A very underrated singer, with such a bluesy, soulful voice. This is just one of a few outstanding tracks by her, that are often on my playlists. Now aged 70, and no longer active in music after a stroke, she will always remain one of my favourite artistes.


See also “Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home”

Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home – Ann Peebles – Blues


I’ve seen Riverdance three times now, twice in the U.K. and once in Los Angeles. Absolutely mind-boggling dancing. I was watching live in 1994 when, during the annual Eurovision Song Contest, it was announced that the ‘interval’ performance (while the juries counted the votes) would be by an Irish dance group. Cue me going to make a cup of tea, but I decided to give them a couple of minutes, and wow, like the rest of the viewing audience, I was blown away!

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart – Rock

I’ve always loved sad songs, and they don’t come much sadder than this. Probably my all time favourite song.